Spinning 101
Congrats for coming to our online Spinning 101 class where you get an A+ just for showing up! The Skye Cycle team is thrilled you are here, reading about the most amazing way to…
Escalate your fitness level
Achieve a high-calorie burn
Increase your energy level
Ramp up your metabolism
Increase your fitness level!
As with so many new things, people often hesitate to try them out because they just don’t know what to expect. We hope this quick overview will answer your questions and give you the encouragement you need to make a date for your first spin!
Skye Cycle studio has 16 indoor cycles. Bikes are never reserved, but because you’re likely a creature of habit (like all “spinners” are), make sure you show up early if you like a particular bike! All bikes adjust perfectly to fit your height and reach for safe ergonomics and comfort. Both seat height and its distance from the handlebars are changable. Instructors always help ensure it’s set up for you for your first ride and if you need help for subsequent rides. Pedals have toe cages on one side (so you can wear running shoes and won’t slip off the ends) and on the other side, clips accommodate cycling shoes with SPD cleats – it’s your choice. A handlebar-mounted gage displays ride time, cadence (number of pedal cycles per minute), and at the end of the ride, average calories burned. Resistance is 100% controlled by the rider by an easy-to-turn dial. Your instructor will give you guidance throughout the class – pedaling is as easy or difficult as you choose and continual adjustment is part of the workout.
Wear well-fitting running shoes or cycling shoes (SPD clips). Either is fine, but as you get into the groove, cycling shoes will help you connect more fully with the bike, allowing you to spin more effectively. Ask us for advice. Workout clothes should be comfortable and lightweight Bring your own towel or help yourself to one of ours. You’re gonna sweat! Bring a water bottle or two for continual hydration. There are racks affixed to the bike so you can reach them easily and often while you ride. If you run short, we have spring water dispensers or bottled water to top you up!
The studio is darkened to increase focus and for an increased sense of autonomy – it’s your ride, not your neighbours’ Oscillating fans move the air, and when required, the AC is on Music motivates, energizes, and influences your emotions and your mental drive. Instructors create their own play list that complements the workout they’ve pre-planned just for you … themes could include your favourite pop and rock & roll … anything from any genre or time period … no matter what pumps through the speakers, it’s going to make you move!
All of our instructors walk the walk, talk the talk, and ride the ride. They will be on their own bike, facing the class. When leading a class, every one will work out with you. Your trainer’s role is to coach you through a safe effective ride that motivates and challenges you, and increases the health and strength of your muscles, heart, lungs, and mind. Instructors will guide your ride and tell you when to adjust the resistance and what your goal cadence should be. For example, your instructor may ask you to “add two levels of resistance and keep your cadence at 90.” If you can’t reach 90, take off some resistance. Keeping the cadence up is more important than the resistance – train to the cadence. Adjust for your own ride!
Types of Rides
The goal of each ride is to bring your heart rate to a specific percentage of your maximum heart rate (generally 220 minus your age) depending on the type of ride. Your instructor will call out the ride and the cadence to get you performing at the target percentage. Fat burn is at 60-75% of your max heart rate. Above 75% and below your max is the range for a cardio workout.

Warm Up – gets the blood flowing in the large muscles and allows you to make the mental shift to prepare for the great workout ahead
Intervals – builds speed, endurance, and burns fat
Sprints – brings your heart rate to your max at 85% to 92%, burns fat during your workout and extends the post-exercise metabolic burn, increases muscle strength.
Climbs (seated and standing) – develops cardio strength and long lean muscles (not bulk), increases tendon and ligament strength
Jumps on a hill – simulates a “real hill” and allows you to give short bursts of energy
Long flats – improves stamina, muscle strength, and character ;)
Cool-Down – brings your heart rate and your breathing back to normal pre-workout range.
First-Timer’s Guide To “What To Do First?”
Schedule your ride by phone or online. Sign in at the reception lobby with the instructor who is anticipating your arrival. Choose a bike, put your water bottle in the rack and drape, towel over the bars, and climb on. Always straddle the bike, then step on/into the pedals. Turn your monitor on by pushing the lower left red button. Warm up your legs by peddling with no tension on your wheel. Make sure the red dial is turned as far as it can be to the left (counter-clockwise). Once everyone has had a good warm up, your instructor will guide you through the ride. When the workout starts, and through to the end, work at your own pace. Push yourself, but back off if you need to, focus on your breathing, slow down, and recover. Take your time to get used to the ride. Settle in. Spinning can be pretty intense – don’t go so hard that you don’t want to come back. Sadly, it’s not an urban myth that your undercarriage (or “sitz bones”) will be sore. We won’t lie. You’ll feel the discomfort the next day too. But it will disappear after about the third ride … gone. Done. Over. Promise!

Own your ride
Be confident & release the fear
And know that comparison is the thief of joy.
Q: What if I have never been on a bike?
A: That’s completely okay. Your trainer will take you through every step and show you the safe way to ride – proper foot placement, hand positions, etc. The bikes are on stationary frames, so balance is less important than on a road bike.

Q: How long are the classes?
A: Classes range from 45 minutes to 60 minutes, including a good warm up and an important cool down with stretches on and off the bike.

Q: Who will I be riding with?
A: All classes are open to all riders, no matter their experience. You could be riding beside a first-timer just like you … or an experienced road warrior. The beauty of spinning is that every ride can be modified to fit your desired level of intensity.

Benefits Of Spinning
Non-weight bearing – strengthens heart and lungs and increases balance and flexibility
Non-concussive – improves muscle strength and tone without placing stress on bones and joints
High calorie-burn – the average caloric burn in a 40-minute spin class is 400-600, depending on your age, weight, and intensity of the workout
Cardio – keeps your heart strong
Muscle – strengthens leg and core muscles, ligaments, and tendons and builds lean muscle
Stamina – increases with every ride
Mental health – reduces tension and stress while improving mood, sleep, and focus
Self-esteem – raises with your sense of well-being and achievement.

At Skye Cycle, our certified instructors will be riding with you every minute of every mile, so let’s get started! All you need to do is say you will … and follow through. When it's all done, you will have completed the best calorie-burning, leg-blasting, ab-tightening, low-impact ultimate cardio workout!
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